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How do I sign up?

The Bulletin Board Forums are specifically intended for club members.

1) Guests (people not logged in) will not be able to participate or post anything. This policy is not intended to be an unfriendly gesture it is so that the forum can be more easily managed and to prevent unfriendly and unwanted SPAM.

2) Users (members that have logged in and been approved), will be able to post new topics or comment on existing threads of conversations.
Note: when you register you will be asked a simple question, which is to stop automated registrations.

3) Please use your Real Name as the Username (i.e. FredSmith) and the Email address that you have registered with the club as this helps the administration verify you are a member of the club. You will also need your Club membership number as well, which is on your card. if you don't know this you can email the membership secretary, who has this information.